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Is sugaring safe? How long hair can be sugared? What is sugar paste made from? On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about sugaring. If something bothers you, please feel free to contact customer service. We will be happy to help you!

Who can use our services ?

Our sugaring services are ideal for anyone looking for fast and efficient treatments resulting in silky smooth, hairless skin. Our services should not be considered ‘spa treatments’. You come and see us to get ready to go to a spa.

Is sugaring safe ?

Yes. We have strict hygiene protocols to ensure a pleasant and safe treatment environments; our equipment and work surfaces are sterilised between every customer, and our staff use protective nitrile gloves during treatments. Please let staff know of any potential allergies prior to treatments.

Does sugaring hurt ?

The quality of the body hair, the thickness and density,  can have an impact on how the physical sensation of the sugaring can feel individually. Thinner and more sparse hair growth pattern may not feel as physical as a more thicker and denser hair growth pattern may feel. First few sessions can also feel a bit more intense depending on individual pain tolerance, however over period of time, consistent sugaring will have an impact on hair quality making it thinner and therefore less painful.

How long should hair be for sugaring ?

To achieve the most pleasant experience and highest results, we sugar hairs between 2 – 5mm. We will prepare the required areas to this length prior to sugaring if needed in the session.

For your first session, do not shave, tweeze, or wax your treatment areas for 1-2 weeks.

How to prepare for your sugaring treatment ?

We recommend for you to scrub the treatment areas a day before your treatment to remove dead skin cells and to avoid ingrown hairs.

Do not use body lotions or other skin products immediately before or after the treatments to avoid any issues during the sugaring or skin reactions, I.e. ingrown hairs and blocked pores.

Please ensure you have showered and cleaned your treatment areas prior to treatment session.

Hairs need to be minimum 2-3 mm long for the treatment.

In preparation for the session, do not shave, tweeze, or wax your treatment areas for a period of time to ensure 2-3mm hair growth. The time period is individual to each customer.

Can you have sugaring treatments during periods ?

Yes, as long as you are freshly showered or cleaned, and are wearing a tampon or a moon cup.

What is sugar paste made from ?

We use a completely natural, high-quality Finnish sugar product range. Our sugar doesn’t contain artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or chemicals. Completely vegan, fragrance-free, dye-free, GM-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, soy-free and not tested on animals.

Can you have sugaring treatments while pregnant ?

Yes, you can have sugaring treatments throughout the pregnancy. Please follow medical advice closer to the delivery or if you are planning to have a cesarian or any other operations.

Is sugaring suitable for atopic skin types ?

Yes, sugaring is suitable for all skin types. If concerns, please contact your doctor prior to treatment, or discuss your concerns with our staff.

After the treatment ?

After the treatment, you may feel a warming and tingly sensation in the treatment areas which is perfectly normal.


  • Do release any discomfort from the treatment with cooling showers, or treat it with our high quality MAKEA – product range rose water.
  • Do ensure you shower or clean any treatment areas well after any sweating to avoid skin irritation and blocked pores.
  • Do avoid the sun on the treatment day.
  • Do protect your skin from the sun the next day.


  • Do not scratch or rub your skin or treatment areas
  • Do not use any lotions or other skin products in the treatment areas to avoid skin reactions and blocked pores.
  • Do not use deodorant for 12 hours after an underarm sugaring treatment.
  • Do not use make-up or skin products for 12 hours after any facial hair removal treatments.
  • Do not wear tight clothes immediately after the treatments to avoid irritation.
  • Do not use the solarium on the same day of the treatments.
How often should you get sugared ?

Over period of time, consistent sugaring will have an impact on hair quality making it thinner and therefore less painful. The treatment schedule depends on your hair growth, however we recommend sugaring every 3-4 weeks. After a while, you will refine your schedule with your treatment provider to fit your needs.

Benefits of Sugaring
  • Sugar is a 100% natural product making it sensitive to the skin. 
  • Sugar is a very clean product to use providing a very pleasant treatment experience.
  • Sugar leaves no residue on the skin.
  • Sugar only sticks to hair and dead skin cells resulting in less skin irritation and treatment discomfort.
  • Sugar sticks to delicate and shorter hairs well making it ideal for facial hair removal.
  • Sugar is applied at room temperature making the treatment pleasant without skin burns.
  • Sugaring is done to the direction of the natural hair growth reducing hair breakage and ingrown hairs due to pulling out the roots more efficiently.
  • Sugaring is an ideal treatment option for sensitive genital area hair removals.
How are out MAKEA – products produced ?

MAKEA – sugaring products are produced from natural sugars (fructose and glucose) and water. Our products are vegan, fragrance free, no colourings, GM free, gluten free, lactose free, dairy and soya free. They have not been tested on animals.

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 Why choose sugaring over waxing?

There are several methods to remove body hair. Two of the most popular options for long term hair removal and smooth skin are sugaring and waxing. In this article we will introduce you to the benefits of sugaring compared to the more traditional and commonly known waxing and how it can be a better option for all genders.

  • 1. How is sugaring different from waxing?
    • The products used in sugaring are 100% natural and will only attach to body hair, and not to skin. This makes sugaring a more gentle option for long term hair removal compared to traditional waxing.

  • 2. Less skin irritation and ingrown hairs
    • Sugaring reduces the risk of skin irritation and ingrown hairs significantly with the appropriate preparations for the treatment. In sugaring, the sugar attaches to body hair only and is removed to the natural direction of the hair growth removing the whole hair by the root. These two key elements combined make the procedure more gentle for your skin.

  • 3. Long term smoothness
    • Sugaring provides longer lasting results compared to waxing. In sugaring the hair is removed with the root intact, whereas waxing can result in hair breakage leaving the root in the skin and causing ingrown hairs. Sugaring enables you to enjoy silky smooth skins for longer.

  • 4. A versatile option
    • Sugaring is suitable for all areas of the body, except for male facial hair removal due to the quality of the hair. Treatment areas can include face, armpits, legs, feet, upper and lower back, arms, chest, stomach, and intimate areas.

  • 5. Gentle treatment for the sensitive skin types
    • Due to the gentle treatment processes, sugaring is a popular option for anyone with sensitive skin issues or a lower tolerance for discomfort.

  • 6. Try sugaring with confidence
    • Sugaring is not just for women – it works well for men too. Men can benefit from sugaring as a great way to manage their grooming to achieve and maintain clean and fresh results. Sugaring has been identified as a better option for waxing due to its many benefits for both women and men- natural ingredients, lower treatment discomfort, longer lasting results, and reduced risk of ingrown body hairs.

Try sugaring and enjoy smooth and soft skin for longer.